In Green Galaxies, your school is a planet, hurtling throught the solar system somewhere in outer space. But the future health of your planet is uncertain...

Now, you and your fellow students are faced with a mission -reduce your school's energy consumption and turn your planet into a clean and healthy world.

Will you win the race to be the greenest planet of them all?

How it works?

Green Galaxies is a teacher-led game that uses your school's actual energy data to determine it's effieciency rating.

This fun and exciting game is only available to participating schools in the Solar Schools Program - teachers can use the link below to get your school on board!

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Have fun with Green Galaxies!

View your school's energy usage in real time.

Check out how your school compares to other school 'planets'.

See how energy-efficient behaviour changes your planet's health.

Discover cool energy-saving tips along the way.

From Mean to Green:
How Does Your Planet Rank?

Is your school stuck in the smelly Wasteland age? Or is it clean and green in the Interstellar age?

Your school's position in the Green Galaxies rankings is down to you. To propel your planet forward - and move ahead of other schools - all you need to do is cut down your energy consumption by being more energy-efficient!

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