What is our mission?

To inspire the children of today to be the leaders of tomorrow to assume responsibility for creating a sustainable future.
Green Galaxies mission is to initiate behavioural change by bringing energy and environmental mindfulness to schools in a fun, interactive and educational way.

Green Galaxies
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This is how an efficient school looks like

This is how an inefficient school looks like

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The Green Galaxies Program

A Combination of:

  • Green Galaxies Game
  • Supporting Curriculum
  • Solar Schools Website

The Green Galaxies game

  • Presents the current energy usage of the school in an understandable visual format
  • Demostrates improvements in energy savings visually
  • Encourages competition between schools

How it works

Each school is assigned a ranking based on an adjusted kilowatts per student per day. Offsets are used for climate + schools size.

The Solar Schools website

Solar Schools is having a redesign. Our new website will provide teachers with information and classes to help their students understand energy.

The Solar Schools website contains detailed information on a school's power consuption, and offers a myriad of ways for students and teacher's to see how their school fits into the energy patterns of Queensland.

Supporting curriculum is essential

In our experience, energy education/saving programs work best when supported by teachers or principal.

  • A program that encourages power savings, using Green Galaxies as a tool to visualise progress.
  • Curriculum that teaches about where energy comes from, and what our options are.
  • Put energy consuptiom into units that children understand, and relate that to the school's energy usage.
So, how does it work?

How the information flows. Use process.

With Solar Schools, there is so much more to solar power! We channel the data from solar pannels into a range of practical applications, so it's easy to manage, understand and learn about solar energy.

It all starts with solar pannels. We promote their installation on schools across Australia and New Zealand, supportd by our comprehesive online platform.

Just as solar pannels turn sunlight into energy, we turn that energy into simple data that can be easily managed and displayed through the Solar Schools platform.

Simple to manage

The Solar Schools system makes it easy for schools to capture and manage the data from their solar pannels, so this comprehensive information is ready to be turned into valuable insights.

Easy to display

Every schools gets its own dedicated page on www.solarschools.net. Here, teachers can instantly access their energy generation and usage data in realtime all displayed via easy-to-use graphs and charts.

Great support

Our teacher resources are there to give educators a helping hand. From classroom-based plans to online activities, all resources are written by qualified teachers and aligned with the curriculum.

Exciting learning

For students, the Solar Schools website is an exciting portal packed with interesting facts and practical "tips and tricks" about energy and sustanability. What better way to learn?

Fun and games

Green Galaxies is our interactive game that uses live data to teach students about energy efficiency. They will learn what they can do to reduce their energy footprint and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

How the data flows. System diagram.

Using the best cutting edge technologies available today to ensure performance and scalability, the project foundations are placed on the best platforms as a services available as AWS is.

Gathering the data

The key piece of hardware placed in each school is the WattWatcher's metter. A small but powerful device capable to gather information from the solar panels and push it up to the online services by 3G or WiFi technologies.

Gearing the mill

On the back-end architecture, supported by AWS, there ia an intrincate and secure clockwork software machinery to guarantee performance, deliverability and confidence. The data gathered from the devices on-site is processed, filtered and treated to, further, being available for reporting systems on Solar Schools and the use of it by the Green Galaxies game.

Playing with the data

Either on the Green Galaxies game on on the Solar Schools website, the information is presented in a very engaging and easy to understand way so teachers and children can get the most of it achieving that way both curriculum requirements and environmental understanding goals.