Inspiring sustainability through technology and education
The Green Galaxies Program is proudly presented by the team at Solar Schools. The program combines technology and education to create a suite of practical products, including Planet Watch.
Green Galaxies makes it easy for schools to teach sustainability and energy efficiency. Using real energy data, it's time to inspire action and track the impact.

Innovative technology
to measure energy

The Green Galaxies program traces it's origins back to 2002, when founders Rob Breuer and Mark Stenhouse began designing the technology to capture and analyse energy data from solar panels.
In the years since, Rob and Mark have remained committed to this important technology, continuing to grow and refine capabilities of their system.

Meet the founders

Mark Stenhouse
Mark Stenhouse
Rob Breuer
Rob Breuer
Today, the Green Galaxies program combines both energy generation and energy consumption data. We're proud to present the results of our long-standing investment in research and development.
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Hands-on STEM

Our founders Rob and Mark, are passionate outdoor enthusiasts and advocates for sustainability. Together, they saw an important opportunity to match their energy technology with an equally robust educational program.

The team behind Green Galaxies set out to empower children and teenagers to improve the future of our planet. With data as the foundation, an entire curriculum of activities has been designed to cover science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning areas.

Our comprehensive educational program launched in 2016, making it easy for schools to both teach and take action on energy efficiency.

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