Let your school's data guide your discoveries

There's a powerful online portal for every Green Galaxies school. The interactive tools make it easy to visualise and analyse data across days, seasons and years.

Action that adds up across the world

There are hundreds of schools in many different countries working toward the same sustainability goals.

See at a glance how we're tracking together. Every green pin represents an outstanding school leading the way for sustainability. Each of these schools has taken action to significantly improve their energy efficiency.

Consumption Rating
Extremely High
3.5 <
Very High
< 0.7
No Data
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Zoom and click on a pin to see a snapshot of how each school is tracking.

Easily examine your data

Access a school's full profile and data portal through either the map, the search bar in the main menu or the index at the bottom of this page.

Prepare to be amazed. This interactive portal allows you to quickly visualise your school's detailed energy data through interactive graphs and graphics.

Examine individual days, or choose specific data periods. Consider how energy use is affected by time of day, seasons, weather, temperature and behaviour. And see real evidence of how your actions make an impact.


Compare schools in just seconds

An interactive graph on the Comparisons page makes it simple to see how different schools and solar panels measure up.

Change the settings to investigate the differences in the data. Follow the links to learn more about why some schools and systems might achieve better results than others.

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Can't see your school?

Your school will appear in our database once you've subscribed to the Green Galaxies program.

Your school's live energy data will then be visible and you'll gain access to an ecosystem of technology, teacher resources, tools and apps.

Become a Green Galaxies school and use live data to make a real difference.

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