Year 1

All we need is...


All we need is...

Plants and animals are masters at using solar energy to meet their needs.

In this unit students will investigate what plants and animals need to survive and how the environment they live in allows them to meet these needs. Students will focus on the energy from sunlight as one of these needs and how this is produced and used. Students will observe what changes occur in the sky and in the landscapes and how these changes affect people and animals. Students will use digital and design technologies to explore properties of materials and their use to develop products to meet sustainable community needs. Mathematical concepts explored include number and place, number patterns, units of measurement, location and transformation, and chance and data.

Key Activities

  • Explore living things and their needs for survival

  • Explore how living things have their needs met in different environments and through seasonal changes

  • Explore light and how it is produced, reflected and sensed

  • Investigate how light is used by living things to meet their needs

  • Investigate the cause of night and day

  • Investigate animals that are nocturnal and how they survive

  • Report on a living thing describing what it needs, how it meets its needs and what happens if its needs are not met

Key Concepts

  • Living things have their needs met in the environment they live in.

  • Light is produced by a range of sources. Light assists living things to meet their needs.


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Unit Overview

Duration 10 Lessons
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