Year 10

Global Systems and Climate Change


Global Systems and Climate Change

Is it getting hot in here? Discover how human activity is contributing to global warming.

In this unit students explore global systems and the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect. Students describe how human activity is leading to increased production of greenhouse gases leading to increases in average global temperature. They will use this knowledge to formulate a personal plan to make a difference.

Key Activities

  • Investigate water and nitrogen

  • Investigate the carbon cycle

  • Explore the greenhouse gas problem

  • Global warming and climate change – is it real?

  • Investigating impacts of human activity on global systems

  • Investigate personal carbon footprint

  • Investigate ways to implement change to make a difference

  • Analyse greenhouse gas data (Mathematics)

Key Concepts

  • The greenhouse effect is necessary to support life on Earth

  • Human activity has increased the greenhouse effect leading to global warming


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