Year 2

Water for Life


Water for Life

Dive in and investigate how water is essential to sustaining life on our planet.

In this unit students will explore how living things need water. They will investigate how water is used by plants and animals including humans. Students will also investigate the consequences of too much or too little water on the environment and how these events can be managed. In particular they will focus on how a difference can be made to saving water at the school and community levels. In the context of water studies student s will have opportunities to utilise digital and design technologies to research and create artefacts of their learning. Mathematical concepts addressed will include shapes, volume, mass, maps, time and data.

Key Activities

  • Discuss and list Earth’s different resources including water

  • Using various art mediums or digital technologies to create a poster about why water is precious to all life on Earth

  • Identify water in its different states (solid, liquid and gas)

  • Make a model of the Water Cycle

  • Investigate how having too much or too little water in an environment can cause problems

  • Students will conduct a field walk to investigate where water is used within the school and record water sources and issues on a map.

  • Students will use digital technologies to investigate the water losses from a leaking tap

Key Concepts

  • Water is essential to all life on Earth and therefore needs to be conserved.

  • Water can be changed from its sources to its point of use.


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