Year 3

Heat from the Sun


Heat from the Sun

Join our earth as it orbits the sun, creating a source of heat and light energy.

In this unit, students will explore how the Earth's rotation causes day and night. Students will investigate the Sun as a source of heat and light for the Earth during the daytime. Students will investigate how the Sun's energy is used, harnessed and measured. Students will complete investigations about the different ways that heat can be produced and observe how heat can move through liquids and solid objects through conduction. Students will communicate their understanding using formal and informal representations such as written reports, diagrams and graphs. Students will plan, make predictions, analyse and evaluate investigations. Students will determine the variables in a fair test.

Key Activities

  • Earth's rotation causes day and night

  • The Sun as a sustainable source of heat and light for the Earth

  • Sustainable Energy (Optional)

  • Heat production

  • Conducting and absorbing heat

  • Making a Difference: Solar cooker (Extension)

Key Concepts

  • Earth's rotation causes night and day. The Sun is a source of light and heat for the Earth during the daytime.

  • Heat can be produced in different ways and can move through objects through conduction.


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Unit Overview

Duration 10 Lessons + 2 Optional Lessons
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