Year 7

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Discover how humans harness the power of wind and water to create renewable energy.

In this unit students explore unbalanced forces and their effect on motion as well as renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. They will construct a device that makes use of renewable energy and use their understanding of the forces acting to lift the maximum weight.

Key Activities

  • Explore renewable and non-renewable energy sources

  • Explore implications of energy sources

  • Make your own water wheel or windmill and identify the forces acting

  • Design, construct and test a windmill or water wheel that can lift the greatest possible weight

Key Concepts

  • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources

  • Renewable energy sources can be harnessed using simple devices

  • Unbalanced forces result in changes in motion of simple devices

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